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        2. About Us

          Zibo Luzhong Industrial Pump Factory was established in Oct. 2006 by reorganization after internal adjustment. Since foundation in 2006, our company constantly complies with the principle of 'Observing Credit, Shape Image, Gain Benefit, Create Brand', and the company has formed a 'scientific management, professional organization, networking marketing, standard service' team with high personality. On the basis of the progressive work of all the staffs, the enterprise has developed into a pump industrial base engages in the research, production and operation. The subordinate of the company, Boshan Pump Research Institute has independent development capacity and the gross assets of the three plants reaches 166.88 million Yuan RMB. Our enterprise owns general standard pump, chemical pump, dephosphorization pump, air-condition pump, mine pump, slurry pump, oilfield water injection pump, oil pump, boiler feed pump, water jet pump, pipeline pump, fire pump, vacuum pump, vacuum complete set of equipment, full-automatic water supply equipment and other more than 20 series, 180 varieties, 1800 specifications, our products have strong competitive power in domestic and overseas markets and they are widely applied in factory, mine, power station, metallurgy, chemical and urban and rural water supply, drainage and fire control system. The index of the products has reached the advanced lever among the same products at home and abroad, the leading products DA1, DL, IS, ISG clear water pump, LG high-rise building feed pump have passed the use of international standards Product sign certificate; DA1 pump has achieved the mine product safety certificate; fire pump, fire control complete set of pump unit have fire qualification certificate and filing.
          Our company has passed ISO1991-2000 International Standard Quality System Certificate in 2007, and we continue to ensure the quality of the products, all the products have strictly tested when leaving the factory. Our products has been applied by the Supreme People's Procuratorate of Beijing, the Supreme People's Court of Beijing, Heavy Machinery Plant of Beijing, Beijing Heating Company, China National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Service Bureau of the PRC, Jingjiu Railway, Yunnan Dali Railway Station, Kunming Nongfa Building, Kunming Bangke Building, Kunming Garden Hotel, Kunming Shuili Building, Kunming Tangjin Building, Shenzhen Bao'an Administrative Center, Shenzhen Gymnasium and other projects, we have gained favorable reputation and we have 'Liuhang Brand', 'Luzhong Brand' and 'Yinmaquan Brand' three self-owned brands. For years, we regard the customers' requirements as our responsibility, based on well-deserved reputation, advanced inspection method and perfect quality system, we have gained the trust and praise from the vast customers at home and abroad. In recent years, we have successively developed more than 10 series of pump products and have passed the science and technology result identification, and have gained the national industrial product production permit; the fire pump have successively passed the inspection of National Fire Equipment Testing Center and gained the fire products registration certificate.
          Our service philosophy is: perfect service, sincere promise! In order to better service the vast customers and meet the customers' requirements, we have set up office and user service network and each office will offer you perfect and excellent 24-hour services.
          Your support contributes to the development of the enterprise, all the staffs of the enterprise sincerely welcome friends of all circles to visit us and talk over business.
          Pursuit of excellent, sincere service---we will offer service by honest.

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